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1. What is virtual web hosting?

One of our specialties is Virtual Web hosting, which means that we will create your home for your Web site right here on our high performance Web servers and establish the presence of your own unique domain name on the Net. This is the most cost effective alternative to hosting your own web site internally. Our shared hosting environment gives you the benefits of high performance servers and high bandwidth connectivity that can seamlessly grow with your needs at a fraction of the cost of building your own server.

2. What do I get with my account?

We have several plans for you to choose from that are cost effective and more than capable of handling all your domain hosting needs. All accounts come standard with many valuable features such as Mail Administration System, CGI folder, FTP, Secure Shell Access, Traffic Statistics, Frontpage Extensions, PHP and more. For nominal fees you can add Secure Socket Layer access, Anonymous FTP, MySQL databases and more. If needed, we can also register your domain name for you for the basic registration fee.

3. Do you offer Internet access?

No, we do not offer Internet access ourselves. However, we can recommend numerous companies depending on your access requirements. Of course email services are included with your hosting solution.

4. Who creates and manages my web site?

Either you will be responsible for creating the web site and managing it, or you can hire a professional design company to do the development for you. Of course we recommend you use our Web design division for professional web site development.

5. Do you offer any website statistics?

Yes! We use a great stats package that handles virtual web hosting with much accuracy. It provides in depth information and graphs showing how many visitors you have had, what pages they visited, and other information such as daily stats, hourly stats, entry pages, exit pages, referrers, search strings used to find you, browser agents used, country statistics, and more. This fabulous package is available to ALL hosting plans.

6. How long does it take to setup a new account?

All new accounts are setup within 48 hours. Please be advised however, that the registration and propagation of your domain name can take up to 72 hours. If your domain names experience ANY difficulty what so ever, call us immediately.

7. Who is Network Solutions or Internic?

Network Solutions (a.k.a. Internic) now a Verisign Company is the top registrar for domain names and also one of our Technology Partners. Thanks to Network Solutions we are able to bring you prompt and accurate Domain Name Services as well as other technical services such as Secure Certificates and more.

8. Do you support Microsoft FrontPage?

Yes! We support FrontPage extensions including the new FrontPage 2000 software.

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